Simple Words Make a Difference at NWABR and Quorum Review’s IRB Conference

by Marie-Térèse Little, PhD

Dr. Charlotte Shupert, Product Manager for Compliance Solutions, Evisions Inc. effectively outlined some real-world best practices necessary for a true informed consent process in her session titled How IRBs, Institutions, Sponsors and Subjects Impact What is Required in Consent Forms at this year’s NWABR IRB Conference. Among other practical recommendations, she was emphatic that we need to write good consent forms, conduct a good consent process and find out what the participants understand. Furthermore, she expressed that the e-consent form absolutely needs to be in an active voice, readable, with lay language at a level of literacy that reflects a 5th to 8th school grade level (with brief sentences and words with few syllables), in standard font sizes, headers and margins. Whenever possible, the electronic document should use supplements to the text such as videos, tables, graphs, pictures, drawings and schematics. An absolute necessity is a tool to evaluate the understanding of the participant and the “teach back” method was recommended. Her presentation was both witty and serious, factual and candid, and it was a pleasure to hear her recommendations.


Marie-Térèse Little, PhD is a volunteer member of Island Health clinical research ethics board on Vancouver Island, B.C. She worked at the Fred Hutch developing novel strategies for reduced intensity bone marrow transplants and she now lives in Victoria, BC with her family. Marie-Térèse is the founder and chief consultant at 4th Dimension Biomedical Research Communications ( where complex bio-medical and scientific information is distilled into clear, meaningful and comprehensible communications. Stay tuned for additional featured speaker sessions.

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