NWABR Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting of the members of the Northwest Association for Biomedical Research (NWABR) was held last week on Wednesday, January 28 2015.

The meeting saw several longstanding Board members stepping down, and each being replaced by new representatives from their organizations.

  • Mark Crane was replaced on the Board by Jamie Kenfield, Manager Business Development at SNBL USA.
  • Lee Schoentrup was replaced by Kim Clary, Director Intellectual Property at IDRI.
  • James Riddle from Fred Hutch was replaced by Lee Strucker, Manager Research Ethics Education at Fred Hutch.

Two long serving Board Members, who are individual members of NWABR, Lynn Rose and Royce Morrison also took this year as an opportunity to step down from the Board. Rose, Morrison and Riddle all noted, though, that while they were stepping down from the Board they all planned to continue to be actively involved with NWABR and its programs.

The Board was also delighted to welcome three new member representatives to the Board. The new Board members are:

  • Richard Burrows – Senior Veterinary Sciences Technologist, BMS/Zymogenetics
  • Kari Koszdin – Veterinary Medical Officer, Veterans Affairs – VA Puget Sound Healthcare System
  • Lorraine McConnell – Director of the Office of Research Integrity, Portland State University

The Board terms of the following Board Members came up for renewal at the Annual Member meeting and the following Board Members were reelected for a further two year term:

  • Juan Cotto, Fred Hutch
  • Bob Ennes, University of Washington
  • Judy Fenyk-Melody, Amgen
  • Cami Gearhart, Quorum Review
  • Charlotte Shupert, Individual Member and Evisions, Inc./Cayuse Research Products and Services
  • Sally Thompson-Iritani, University of Washington
  • Cheryl Weaver, Benaroya Research Institute
  • Ben Wilfond, Seattle Children’s

In part because of the number of Board changes the Annual Board meeting confirmed the existing officers, as follows:

  • Ms. Cheryl Weaver be reappointed as Board President.
  • Ms. Cami Gearhart be reappointed as Board Vice President.
  • Mr. Todd Myers be reappointed as Board Vice President.
  • Ms. Jennifer Hansberry be reappointed as Board Secretary.
  • Mr. Bob Ennes be reappointed as Board Treasurer.

Dr. Judy Fenyk-Melody will hold an Executive Position, as provided for in the Bylaws, as the Immediate Past President of NWABR.

During the Annual Meeting Executive Director, Ken Gordon, presented the Annual Report on the Board’s operations. Board President, Cheryl Weaver, presented a report on the Board’s new Strategic Plan and its vision for the future of the organization.

The meeting highlighted the ongoing importance and relevance of NWABR’s mission – promoting the public’s trust in biomedical research and its ethical conduct. Highlights noted included:

  • Educational activities with over 700 students participating in Bio Expo, a Middle School science competition and life science focused summer camps.
  • Community activities with important and timely public discussions and speaking engagements covering topics from vaccinations, to epidemics, to genetic testing and care at the end of life.
  • Three highly successful conferences for members and life science communities that focus on the care of animal and human research participants and the protections for research, research facilities and research staff.

MIddle School

Middle School Essay Winners participating in a hands-on science activity of chromatographic filtration


Middle School student isolating strawberry DNA at Burien Community Center



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