Our Bioteh Future

Good morning all

In all of the election coverage over the last few days you may have missed this guest editorial in the Seattle Times from H. Stewart Parker.  Ms. Parker in this Op. Ed. charts the development of a number of key biotech firms and products here in the Northwest and talks about the diaspora of staff from Immunex the company that invented Enbrel, a breakthrough drug for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis.


H. Stewart Parker, MBA

Biomedical research and biotechnology combine to provide 34,200 direct jobs in WA state and a total of 92,400 total jobs once you count all of the ancillary support people (like me).  In total this sector makes up $11.4 Billion of the state’s GDP and provides $7.1 Billion in personal income.

Unfortunately even though this sector makes up the 5th largest sector in the state, with life science organizations in 74 cities – it often feels like the sector flies under the radar screen with people seeing the major economic drivers in WA and the NW as being IT and aeronautics.  Ms. Parker’s Op. Ed. reminds us all of the contribution of the sector – both in terms of economics and also in terms of the life saving changes being brought to us on a daily basis.

Talking about life saving changes – I had the pleasure of attending a fund raising luncheon hosted by the Benaroya Research Institute this last Friday.  They have a very simple mission – they want to cure 80 plus autoimmune diseases, like Type 1 diabetes, Crohn’s Disease and MS.  In one word BRI’s work is – inspiring.  Their new brand of “BRIng it on” is both fun and a challenge to us all to do better.

Have a great day.

Ken Gordon

Executive Director


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