Open Source 3d Printed Prosthetics

Good morning everyone

I heard a great story on KUOW this morning about Ivan Owen a co-creator of a design that allows users to submit their measurements and then print a prosthetic hand!

You can hear the story at and look for the story “How to print a hand from home”.

Owen originally designed a program to allow a parts to be printed in a 3d printer for a person that needed a prosthetic hand. Normally such hands costs tens of thousands of dollars and they are often out of the reach of people who need them the most. Once the first design was completed he made the code available to the open source community and the program has now been tweaked so that people can include their palm and arm measurements to allow a correct sizing of the design for each person’s unique body.

They can then print out the various components on a 3d printer and following some assembly start using their new hand. In the story Owen recounts how a teenager printed a hand for a friend at their local public library.

If you are interested in printing a hand – or just seeing lots of photos of very happy kids go to Owen’s site:


Ken Gordon
Executive Director
Northwest Association for Biomedical Research