Fold-it and Ebola

During this last summer NWABR provided two summer camps for high school students. Each of these camps had a biomedical research focus. One focused on DIY science and the other focused on Proteins.

The Protein camp was hosted at the Paul G. Allen Center for Computer Science and Engineering. One of the components of this camp was to introduce students to a computer game call Fold-it. This free game allowed students to practice building and manipulating 3D models of proteins – so that they could better understand diseases and treatments.

We have had the pleasure over the summer of watching these really smart students use this programs to undertake manipulations that ultimately can lead into the development of new approaches to disease.

The Fold-it program was highlighted in the a Seattle Times article on August 25, 2014. The article highlights how approximately 500 of the registered more than 300,000 Fold-it gamers have designed theoretical proteins that could be instrumental in developing ways to reduce the impact of the Ebola virus.

At NWABR we are excited that high school students attending the Protein camp are at the cutting edge of such important science and medical breakthroughs.


Ken Gordon
Executive Director