Add Your Voice to the Rally for Medical Research!

We need your voice in the fight to protect and preserve medical research funding!  As a result of the Budget Control Act of 2011 and sequestration, the National Institutes of Health, which funds many of our organizations’ critical research, is losing 5.1% ($1.5 billion). We have the chance to leverage the actions of the NWABR Community by building momentum toward the April 8th National Rally for Medical Research in Washington, D.C. NWABR is one of more than 100 partner organizations engaged in this effort. In the next two weeks, we encourage you to reach out to Northwest policymakers directly and help sustain biomedical research that improves health, drives economic progress, and saves patients’ lives. But we need to act fast.

Our senators and representatives are back in our home districts between March 25 and April 5.  Please set up a visit, write an editorial, send a video clip, make a phone call and share with me directly the outcome of your efforts at It is your personal stories about the impact of NIH funding that will set the stage when the final votes are counted. Organizations affected by these cuts can also sign on to become Rally partners that inspire awareness and action in the community.

All our combined efforts across the country will culminate on the morning of April 8 at the Rally for Medical Research headlined by NIH Director Francis Collins, news anchor Soledad O’Brien and Research!America Chairman John Edward Porter. These well-known leaders will be joined by the most compelling advocates for biomedical research—patients and their families whose lives have improved or have been saved by federally-funded research.

The cumulative impact of these NIH cuts on research in Washington, Oregon, Montana and Idaho will be devastating for current and ongoing programs, our states’ economies, and the countless lives and jobs that depend on biomedical innovation. Francis Collins calls these cuts a “profound and devastating” blow at a time of unprecedented scientific opportunity. Please speak up at this critically important time for biomedical research in our region and across the nation. Contact your representatives today, start sharing your impact stories, and add your voice to the Rally for Medical Research!

Links to Northwest Congressional Delegation Offices:






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