Youth Ethics Summit: Science Saturday for Students

NWABR, University of Washington (UW) Department of Bioengineering, and UW Microfabrication Facility hosted 51 high school students (one made a special trip from Idaho) from 22 schools at the University of Washington on Saturday, March 2. Featuring laboratory tours, UW student showcase, liquid nitrogen ice cream, and breakout sessions on global health, artificial organs, computer science and nanotechnology, the day was full of hands-on activities and interactions with bioengineering students and professionals.

These are a few statements from our participants that demonstrate the impact of this day-long event:

“The demonstrations were the best, I thought, but the explanations taught me how everything ties together. The science is cool, the outfits were wacky and the whole thing was very well-done and enjoyable.”

“It showed me that I can incorporate my love for biology, genetics, and problem-solving into one field.”

“I loved [the Artificial Organs] breakout session. The need for bioengineering in the artificial organ area was not one that had previously occurred to me. I can see myself working in that field.”

“I am interested in medicine or sciences and this field works on technology and methods to improve health of people around the world.”

“I learned a lot and enjoyed every moment. It was highly interesting and involving. I am now more interested in bioengineering than I ever thought I’d be.”



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