NWABR Middle School Essay Contest is back!

NWABR is pleased to continue our popular middle school essay contest, “Biomedical Breakthroughs and My Life” through funding from the Knossos Foundation.  This contest is open to 7th and 8th grade students (individuals or entire classes) in Washington, Oregon, Montana and Idaho.

Students have the opportunity to explore the process of biomedical research and its relevance to themselves, their family or their pets.  They may choose topics that allow them to investigate the development of medications that they are taking, the medical device implants received by relatives, or the shots given to their pets.  They must include evidence of how the use of animals or humans in clinical trials have advanced research and medical treatments.

Students will strengthen their writing, research and interviewing skills while discovering the role of scientists in biomedical research that really does impact their lives.  In addition to the essay, students must include a reflective paragraph about what they have learned.

Every student will receive comments about their essay from the researchers serving as judges.  Winning students in the general category and English as a Second Language category will receive a cash prize and be invited to an Awards Day at a research facility.  Teachers and parents of winning students are also invited to the Awards Day to meet scientists and engage in tours and hands-on activities.

Contest Timeline:

December 9, 2011     Register intent to participate with NWABR
March 9, 2012            Submit essays
April 13, 2012             Winners announced
May 2012                     Awards Day events

NWABR can provide resources and speakers from our Speakers Bureau to engage the students in the project.
For more information, visit NWABR’s website, http://nwabr.org/students/essay-contest, or contact Reitha Weeks at rweeks@nwbr.org or 206-957-3337 x305.


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