Today is our 11th Student Bio Expo!

The Northwest Association for Biomedical Research announces our 11th Student Bio Expo, the culminating event of a year-long science education outreach program. The Expo engages over 300 area high school students from 22 schools in real-world applications of new frontiers in biology and builds connections between students, teachers, and scientists!

Our agenda in brief:
— 9:00-11:45 Student Presentations/Judging
— 12:30-1:00 Special Performances
— 1:00-2:00 Awards Ceremony

Clic here to download an Expo program or here to go to our Expo web site for directions and more or here to download our full press release for Student Bio Expo 2011.

Our Student Bio Expo provides the Seattle area with one of its few competitive high school science fairs. However, the Expo is not your usual science fair! It differs from regular fairs in two main ways. 1) Students develop projects with the assistance of a mentor scientist over the course of the school year. 2) Students can enter life-science themed projects in categories as diverse as art, music, drama, writing, and traditional scientific research. By applying their own talents to their projects, students are motivated to see the connection between science and their own lives and interests.

This year, we are excited to introduce a new Global Health collaboration with students in Kenya. The SEAVURIA (sea-vuh-REE-uh) project pairs students in the rural area of Vuria, Kenya with Seattle-area students and scientists. International teams of students collaborate on global health related research while being mentored by scientists from the Seattle Biomedical Research Institute, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Seattle University, and the University of Washington. Students in Kenya present their findings at the Kenyan Science Congress, while Seattle students present at the Student Bio Expo.


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