Breast Cancer – A Patient’s Story

Spring 2010 Research Saves!

A patient’s story, especially if that patient is a scientist, can bring a sense of reality and poignancy to biomedical research. As a Ph.D. trained molecular biologist and program manager at the Northwest Association for Biomedical Research (NWABR), my story is in harmony with NWABR’s mission: to promote the understanding of biomedical research and its ethical conduct…When invited to speak at the first high school Junior Science Café of the academic year, I jumped at the chance. I titled my talk “Demystifying Breast Cancer: A Personal Tale,” hoping that I could encourage students to ask questions – to demystify something that has touched, and sometimes killed, so many… (Read More…)

(NIH grant UL1 RR025014 supports NWABR’s Speakers’ Bureau)


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